Mapping perturbed molecular circuits that underlie complex diseases remains a great challenge. We developed a comprehensive resource of close to 400 cell type- and tissue-specific gene regulatory networks for human. Our study shows that disease-associated genetic variants often perturb regulatory modules in cell types or tissues that are highly specific to that disease.

On this website we provide supplementary information, software tools and data of our paper:

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NEWS: Disease Module Identification DREAM Challenge launched!

We have launched an open data competition as part of the DREAM Challenges with the aim to:

Participation is open to everybody, great for student projects! All participants will be invited as Consortium co-authors on the main challenge paper, our publishing partner is Cell. For further information, see the challenge website:

Release 1.0

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Pathway analysis of GWAS

A sister paper introduces Pascal, a fast and accurate tool for GWAS gene and pathway analysis:

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